Faith Study Centre

The founders and members of Global Watche Trust are proud to announce the commencement of many projects here in Tiruvannamalai. The objective of these programs is to introduce and assist in the education of children and women of local villages, along with recent female college graduates. One of these programs is being called ‘Faith Study Centre,’ in order to vividly depict the purpose of the project. A few main focuses will be providing computer knowledge and skill sets, how to access and utilize a library, and training in various arts and handicrafts such as tailoring, sewing and pottery, along with a range of vocational training courses. Also being offered is a basic understanding of kitchen gardens, which includes knowledge of specific chemicals not to be used when growing fruits and vegetables in order to harvest BT foods only.

A few Government-supported courses will include the education and training in starting, building and sustaining cooperative societies, voluntary self-help groups, programs for circumstances dealing with handicap friends or family members, and sufficient information on legal aid awareness.

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